Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

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In the fall of 1964, Trent University opened its doors to the first class of 102 first-year students. Fifty years and 40,000 graduates later, the spirit that formed the foundation of Trent still lives on. In Trent University: Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence, author D’Arcy Jenish brings this spirit to life narrating the comprehensive history of Trent University through the shared passion and commitment of its students, staff, faculty, alumni, and local community.

“I enjoyed researching and writing the book from start to finish”, says Jenish. “The response from readers has been very gratifying and I’ve been honoured to have a part in celebrating the 50th anniversary of this great university.”

“It was truly a great book, I was astounded at the amount of detail and multi-perspectives D’Arcy was able to cover,” says Shelagh Grant, former Trent student and current Trent faculty.

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